About Us

Makhana, Fisheries etc
´CRIA is an organization registered under 1860 society registration act.
´CRIA works for the regeneration of the traditional society of India as whole.
´CRIA has taken up the task of working in villages of Mithila region of Bihar.
´ Sanitation is the first area in which CRIA has focussed all his strength and has built more than 1000+ toilets so far in the area so far.
´CRIA has setup-up a Sanitary pad making unit and women hygiene training centre with help of Mr. A Murgunantham.
´Actively filing RTI to expose corrupt system for the benefit of villagers.
´Working on education system with many social activist to help the poorest of the poor graduates professionals to learn English and Hind language skills to get jobs.
´ CRIA connecting different Scheduled casts and Dalits to appraise them about different government schemes.
´Bringing farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs on single platform to improve the agricultural yield and use of modern technologies

Every village is struggling for proper health.

Every village is unique hence need unique solutions for every problem

To ensure a good life, we educate each child, Graduates and old age people about the importance of education.