We’ve been working in the field of sanitation. We’ve helped building more than 1000 toilets in Darbhanga district. 

We have set up a sanitary napkin unit at Manigachhi for the rural women.

Cleaning of many water bodies in Darbhanga district.


Centre for Rural Information and Action (CRIA)


The villages of India have been the best system of human habitation. It was way more scientific and environment-friendly. Somehow these villages are in disarray today. Our mission is to get these villages their lost glory and utility. 

It's never too late to connect to the heart of India i.e. villages and rural area. Our mythology also asks us to return something to the society, we belong.

We invite like minded people to join us and work together for the rural India, villages and panchayats. 

* CRIA has taken up the task of working in villages of Mithila region of Bihar.
* Sanitation is the first area in which CRIA has focussed all his strength and resources for the time being.
* CRIA is setting up a Sanitary pad making unit through .
* Work on education system with many social activist for the poorest of the poor and professional language skills.
* CRIA connecting different Scheduled casts and Dalits to appraise them about different government schemes.
* Bringing farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs on single platform to improve the agricultural yield.
* RTI to expose corrupt system for the benefit of villagers.

See how we bring smiles to these faces.